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  Features of Bandwidth Management Software (NettControl- CyberSuite) are:
In-Built Cache Engine
Login based Internet access
Packages can be defined and sold to customer like Monthly pack, qtrly_pack, daily,etc
Administrator can have full control over the accounts
        can see user's password
        an suspend/terminate the customer
        can create new users
        can define rate limits
Reports showing the total consumption and balance left of all the active accounts.
Advance Bandwidth Management where one can apply rate limits on
        IP to IP
        IP:port to IP:port
        for a specific port bandwidth can be restricted.
Firewall - Specific sites can be blocked and made unaccessable.
No software to be installed on the client side. Being a web-based/thin-client interface client can acccess his details any where from the world.
Client can view/monitor his utilization of internet from any remote end.
IP-Accounting - Data can be restricted based on the data transfer rates.(Not fully functional)
A Linux based solution .... hence no O/S Licensing overheads.
E-Post Messaging Server

This application which was actually developed for an environment where both the features of Snail mail and Email have to coexist. Typical usage is for a Postal Department where the recipient is not available online whereas the sender is. The postal department can leverage its network to deliver messages with shorter times than the traditional Snail Mail.

One of our biggest clients is Department of Posts, which is currently using it as a test bed for its services across five states in India. The service has been successfully running for the past one and a half years.

The Application
is Secure as it is runs on the https protocol.
is Platform Independent
(Developed in Java)
allows for delivery confirmation to the sender.
is integrable to a payment gateway.
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